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For any life-threatening emergencies, dial 911.


If a household maintenance emergency arises DURING posted office hours, notify the Property Manager via email immediately( If a household maintenance emergency arises AFTER office hours, inform the Maintenance Technician via voice message and text at 919-717-4546.


The following are examples of household maintenance emergencies:

  • Broken water pipes (including water heater),  

  • Stopped up commode (if you only have one bathroom),

  • Power failure (make sure it is not the electric company first), 

  • Forced entry or security breach(after dialing 911),   

  • No heat when the outside temperature is below 55-degree Fahrenheit,

  • No air conditioning when the outside temperature is above 90-degree Fahrenheit, 

  • Severe damage from a storm, and 

  • Evidence of smoke or fire(after dialing 911).


For natural disasters, Ready NC of the North Carolina Department of Public Safety is available at or (919) 825-2500.

All non-urgent maintenance must be reported in a timely manner via Rent Café or Email.

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